Definitely not a cult

2586 Labs, Inc. is the umbrella under which beautiful software & thriving communities are built and encouraged. Scroll to learn about everything that we are working on.

We are creating a vibrant builder ecosystem with Devfolio.

8 open positions

We are making personal finance delightful, simple and easy with Fold.

7 open positions


Along with two ambitious startups we believe in fostering the next generation of deserving builders. We do that through our self organized hackathons and Fellowships.

The Builder's Foundation

The Builder's Foundation honors the vision of our beloved Founder and CEO Shakti Goap (1992 - 2021). The foundation aims at providing young builders from not-so-privileged backgrounds an equal chance at changing the world.

Build India Fellowship

BIF grants upto $10,000 to support young builders willing to work full-time on any project of their choice for 6 months. The goal is to not let innovation be held back due to lack of resources.

InOut Hackathon

Our very first venture. Started in 2015, InOut is India's largest community hackathon and arguably our most loved initiative. InOut is usually (pre-covid) held every year in October.

WMN; (pronounced: women)

wmn; is an attempt to bring together women working in tech. To inspire the upcoming generation. To foster a space where women can collaborate. It is an attempt to create a community where women can belong.


First held in in 2018 with the mission of fostering a Web3 builder ecosystem and to promote building decentralised applications on Ethereum. Over 10,000 builders and 300 projects have been onboarded to Web3 through various ETHIndia initiatives.

Why do we build what we build?

Over the years we have done things and worked with people who fall in close resonance with our own principles. We do what we do, and do how we do it because of the beliefs everyone at 2586 Labs share.

Belief 01.

The primary function of any human creation is to make people like life better than before.

*Inspired by the Kurt Vonnegut quote - “The function of the artist is to make people like life better than before.”

Belief 02.

Every human deserves an equal chance at changing the world.

Or at least the same starting conditions.

Belief 03.

Real problems of the real world are only solved by building solutions.

Not by long form plans and project reports.

Belief 04.

Care is the most important ingredient that can be put into anything built by one human for another.

Belief 05.

No product is complete till it’s functional and beautiful.

“Beauty is a special form of craft that goes beyond making something work better.” - Frank Chimero

Cold reachouts encouraged

If any of our beliefs resonated with you, reach out. We would love to have you with us or just talk about a shared belief. Because if doing that is not nice, then what is?

As of today, at Devfolio we are hiring for Senior Product Designer, Senior Backend Engineer and many other roles. For Fold we are looking for senior iOS & Android Engineers along with Product Designers to join our team. If there’s something you can do and we don’t have an open position for it, email anyway.

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Dedicated to all the humans who in a tsunami of Zoom calls and due diligence make time to become good at something. All the Devfolio schwag and more beautiful things crafted for craftspeople.

Having a garage is a luxury in India. Our journey started in a 2BHK flat in Bangalore, house #2586. We have decided to not let that number disappear by etching it as the name of our collective.